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2012 neck heating magnetic protector
2012 neck heating magnetic protector

2012 for neck heating magnetic protector 1.easy to use without battery 2.make neck comfortable 3.selfheating,relive fatigue

2011 for neck heating magnetic protector ::

F-8403 Self heating slimming instrument (For knee ,wrist and waist )

Automatic heating product (Hand,waist,wrist)

Since the polymer hot moxibustion heat Safety (tourmaline from the heat protective gear) series products are nano-bio-composite material made of high-tech products, is a product of the meridian of molecular biology techniques, is Chinese Medicine Hospital extracts and minerals gems Thomas Lynn and Chinese medicine, the product of a combination of traditional acupuncture


1. Efficient emission easy-to-absorbed far-infrared2. Sustained release of Anion bioelectrical3. Automatic heat at any time magnetic hyperthermia

Action principle

This product tourmaline as the core, combined with the nano-bio-functional materials made of high-tech products, with the dual thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect, form a resonant magnetic field resonates with the human body. Sustainable energy through the body's own release of heat, Anion and infrared, can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, enhance immunity.

Suitable people :

1.This product is applicable to cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, stiff, stiff neck, bone hyperplasia, waist pain, joint pain and other symptoms of hyperthermia therapy and the role of routine and preventive health care.

2.Nano-anion Fat Burn belt for waist, abdomen, weight loss with special effects features, set beauty, health care, physical therapy as a whole.

instructions for use:

wear this product on the place which you feel uncomfortable ,5-10 minutes of local produce hyperthermia and pins and needles. The time are based on personal body situation. If the body part appears redness, fever, hyperthermia ,it is a normal phenomenon. After use, the skin will as normal. Recommended to wear 2-3 times a day, the preferred time is 10-20 minutes, to avoid the low-temperature burns.

2012 neck heating magnetic protector

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