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Customized stamping die
Customized stamping die

Custom stamping die Safe and reliable operation For high speed punch production Can reduce floor space of punch and storage

Stamping basic information:

Stamping tool is composed of many station. Each station in order with association to complete different processing. It will complete a serious of different stamping process in one stroke. After completing on stroke, According to a fixed step distance will put material move forward by press feeder, In this way It will be completed many station in a pair of mold. The station generally have punching ,blanking, bending, trimming, drawing and etc.

The characteristics of progressive die as follows:

1)Progressive die is a multi-tasking die. In a pair of mold It can include blanking, brake forming, bending and complete a variety of multichannel process within a pair of mold. Has the very high productivity.

2)Safe and reliable operation

3)Easy to realize automation

4)For high speed punch production

5)Can reduce floor space of punch and storage.

6)It is unfit for the high requirements of mold production.


The basic requirements of parts by using the progressive die..

1)       small parts

2)       big batch

3)       Material thickness is thinner (0.08~2.5mm)

4)       Softer material

5)       Complex shape

6)       Precious metal is not available (due to the low use efficiency or inefficiently)

7)       High precision is not available (below IT 10)

The stamping tool can be customized. Optional scope

1)       Punching die

2)       Compound die

3)       Forming die

4)       Deep drawing die

5)       Progressive die

6)       Bending die


Customized stamping die

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