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desk type LCD display inverter/charger(CONVERTER) 3000VA/24V
desk type LCD display inverter/charger(CONVERTER) 3000VA/24V

desk type LCD display inverter/charger

  At present, the power energy source is still lack in our country, the power is often cut off in some areas, it causes a lot of electrical appliance can ’ t be applied normally. Microcomputer system, communication department, store, hospital and alarming system where requires the power supply is on all the time, hence, our factory specially develops HBC. SPC series high reliability and full automatic inverte r. The product employs reliable import integrated circuit as control core, using M C U as central processor for 2 K V A and above units. reliable, high efficiency and high speed MOSFET as power device, traditional anti - impact power frequency transformer with fine performance as step - p element. It shows rapid response , strong anti - interference, stable output frequency and voltage as well as inversion charge integrated design for inverting and charging , when the commercial power is off, the inverter automatically switches into the inversion state of battery power supply , and when commercial power is on, it automatically the output commercial power and with automatic battery charing management function. This inverter has the function of battery over-voltage protection , adjustment of charge current , unde voltage protection of battery during discharging, over - load protection and so on. It works individually for 24 hrs/ day without worrying about power interruption.

Technical specification (HBC.HBC-P(HBC-DF-A) high reliability )
Output rated power100~5000VACharge input voltage220V or 110V
Instantaneous peak power2 times of rated power VA (t≤1S)Emergency holding timeDepend on battery capacity and load power. The calculation formula as follows:
output voltage220V or 110VInversion emergency time (H)   Battery capacity (AH)=----------------------------×0.75   Discharge current (A)
output frequency50Hz or 60HzUnder-voltage protectionDC9.5V-10.0V/DC12V
output waveformCorrective sine wave (PWM square wave)Over-charge protectionDC14.8V-15.2V/DC12V
Applicable loadResistive load and capacitive load, not suitable for inductive load and capacitor step-down power supply   
Under-voltage protection and over-charge protection of battery with other specifications are multiplied according to 12V.

desk type LCD display inverter/charger(CONVERTER) 3000VA/24V

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