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110kv transmission line Composite Suspension Insulators
110kv transmission line Composite Suspension Insulators

110KV composite insulator is used for power transmission line in badly polluted area with best quality and low price. General Introduction

HDIS---Suspension Composite Insulator Series

HDDS---Composite Insulator ANSI class DS Series

HDPIN---Pin type composite Insulator Series

HDIP---Post composite Insulator Series

HDILP----Line Post composite Insulator Series

Design Feature

The composite insulator series consisit of fiberglass epoxy resin lead-out rod, silicon rubber housing and hardware. Through once-molding technology and special, the silicon rubber housing and core rod were tightly integrated, so accidents caused by the interface electrical breakdown are avoided. With special colloid installation and compression Joint Technique in the connection of the fiberglass epoxy reisn lead-out rod and the hardware, the insulator has the advantages of high mechanical strength, nice figure, small volume, less weight. Another advantage is the hardware which plated Zinc to resist erosion, can be interchanged with pocelain insulation.


I Excellent Electrical characteristics, high mechanical strength, and the extension intensity of fiberglass epoxy resin lead out rod has 2 times stronger than general steel, 10 times higher than porcelain material. It could be more safe and reliable.

II Good resistance to soiling and flashover, not require clean. The flashover voltage is 1.6-2 times than the same creepage of porcelain insulator. It is very useful in heavy pollution areas.

III Small volume, light weight,(only 1/6-1/19 of the porcelain with the same voltage level) flexible structure, convenient to transportation and installation.

IV The silicon rubber housing has great hydrophobic property, which can protect against inside wet, not require the monitor of preventative and clean, reduce daily maintenance.

V Good sealing performance, strength antielectrical erosion, the tolerance leakage degree reaches TMA 4.5 degree, the products have excellent resistance to erosion, resistance to low temperature and can be applicable for the ambient temperature from -40°C to +50°C

VI Good shock resistance and collision resistance to prevent crash, bend and wrest. It can be interchanged with porcelain and glass insulator.

  Suspension Composite Insulator Series

ModelRated Voltage(kV)Mechanical Load(kN)Joint Structure markSection Length(mm)Min. arcing Distance(mm)Min Minimal creepage distance(mm)Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage(peak)kVPower Frequency Withstand Voltage(kV)Sheds Quantity

We propose to use corona ring at 110kV and above

Corona ring is neccesary at 220kV and above.

Different end fitting type are available on request.

For application beyond the range listed here,please contact us for details.

Station Post Composite Insulator Series

ModelRated Voltage(kV)Rated CantileverLoad(kN)Section Length(mm)Min. Arcing Distance(mm)LightningImpulse Withstand(BIL)kVPower FrequencyWithstand(wet)kVLeakage Distance(mm)

Line Post Insulator Series

ModelRated Voltage(kV)Rated CantileverLoad(kN)Section Length(mm)LightningImpulse Withstand(BIL)kVPower FrequencyWithstand(wet)kVLeakage Distance(mm)NO. of Sheds
ModelRated Voltage(kV)Rated CantileverLoad(kN)Section Length(mm)LightningImpulse Withstand(BIL)kVPower FrequencyWithstand(wet)kVLeakage Distance(mm)NO. of Sheds

Composite Insulator ANSI Class DS Series

Voltage Classkv15252835
ANSI ClassDS15DS25DS28DS35
Specified MechnicalLoad(SML)kN70707070
Section Lengthmm330440480530
Dry Arcing Distancemm203300340404
Leakage Distancemm430680792990
Low FrequencyDry FlashoverkV110130150200
Low Frequency Wet FlashoverkV75110130160
Critical Impulse Flasover(Pos)kV140200260325
No. of Sheds4679

  The above describes insulators with clevis and togue end fittings.

these products are also available with ball and socket end fittings

Pin Type Composite Insulator Series

Rated Voltage(kV)152433
Routin Test Load(kN)612.512.5
Section Length(mm)260310560
Leakage Distance4606301330
Lightning Impulse Withstand(Pos)BIL(kV)110150260
Power FrequencyWithstand(wet)(kV)4565130
Power frequencyWithstand(dry)(kV)6085155
No. of Sheds357

110kv transmission line Composite Suspension Insulators

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