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Magnolia Officinalis(Hou Pu)
Magnolia Officinalis(Hou Pu)

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Product name Ginger Magnolia Officinalis; Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis                              
Type Dampness-transforming medicinal
Taste Warm; Bitter; to spleen, lung, stomach, large intestine


 Volatile oil; Magnolol; Tetrahydro Magnolol; 

 Isobutyl Magnolol; Magnocurarine


 1.Eliminating dampness and resolving phlegm 2.Resolving Food Stagnancy 

 3.Humidity hysteresis   4. Abdominal swelling of vomiting and diarrhea

 5.Dyspepsia                 6.Abdominal distension and constipation

 7. Phlegm and cough


 1.Appetiser 2.Digestive 3.Diuretic

 4.Emmenagogue 5.Expectorant 6.Stomachic

Pharmacologic action

 1.Anti-allergic 2.Anti-asthmatic 3.Anti-bacterial

 4.Anti-fungal  5.Anti-septic   6.Anti-spasmodic

 7.Anti-stress    8.Anxiolytic


 1.Gastroenteric tumor with cool in spleen and stomach, turbid phlegm

 2. Abdominal neoplasms


 1.The pregnant shall be precautions for application

 2.Qi deficiency and body fluid deficiency forbide 

Productivity 300tons/year

Magnolia Officinalis(Hou Pu)

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