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HD4,6,8 S.G I.S Machine
HD4,6,8 S.G I.S Machine

Advanced glass bottle container forming machinery. We offer products and services to meet any need at any technology level.

Shandong Sanjin Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading international supplier of machinery and systems to glass container industry. With 50 years' experience in glass container forming, glass conditioning, gob forming, cold end inspection, container packaging and quality assurance, our products have been widely used in international glass container industry.

We are also strong at gypsum plasterboard machinery manufacturing in China and have been specialized in manufacturing gypsum plaster board production line since 1994. We manufacture gypsum plaster board lines with varieties of annual output from 5 million to 50 million square meters. Up to now, our production lines have been exporting to Italy, USA, Mexico,Colombia,and Indonesia besides China.

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