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No-woven geotextiles, including short fiber and long fiber, pp material
No-woven geotextiles, including short fiber and long fiber, pp material

1,High water permeation and corrosion resistance 2,Professional product line 3,Competitive price and best quality,CE approve

                                           Short fiber knitting   geocloth

Product      features:

1,Net  holes  are  easy  for  blockage,  since  net  structure  formed  by  indefinite  fiber  has  variable  and  motility.

2,It  has  high  permeation  and  can  keep  good  permeation  under  the  pressure  of  earthwork.

3,It  has  corrosion  resistance,  uses  chemical  fiber  such  as  polypropylene  or  dacron  as  raw  material,  has  acid  and  alkali  resistance,  hasn't  corrosion  or  motheating  and  has  oxidation   resistance.

4,It  has  convenient  constraction,  small  weight  and  convenient  uses.

Application    Range:

1,It  effectively  diffuses,  transmits  or  decomposes  central  and  prevents  soil  body  damage  caused  by  functioning  of  external  force.

2,Knitting  geotechnical  cloth  can be   widely  used  in  various  fields  such  as water  conservation,  hydropwer,  highway, railway, port, airport,  sports  field  and  gymnasium,  tunnel,  coastal  beach  land,  reclaiming land   and  environmental  protection  and  play  the  functions  such  as  isolation,  filter,  drainage,  reinforcement,  protection  and  enclose.

Product   Technological   Standard:

Short fiber knitting  geotextiles
Quality deviation per unit acreage %-8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7-6-6-6 
Thickness, mm≥ 
Width deviation for range, % m-0.5 
Mightiness at break, KN/M ≥ and horizontal
Elongation at break, %25-100Vertical and horizontal
CBR bursting strengthk, KN ≥ 
Effective aperture O900.07-0.20 
Vertical osmotic coefficient,cm/sK*(10-1-10-3)K=1.0-9.9
Tearing strength, KN≥ and horizontal

No-woven geotextiles, including short fiber and long fiber, pp material

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