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Yeast extract
Yeast extract

Product series: 1.standard type; 2.high-nitrogen type; 3. Flavor Enhancer


    “Tianxiangyuan”yeast extract is a kind of paste or powder form nature product.It is made from bakery yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae grow in cane molasses ) as raw materials,by modern high-tech biotechnology,hydrating the protein and nucleic acids in the yell cells through processes of autolysis,hydrolysis,separation,concentration,etc.


The products is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids,and peptides,nucleotides taste,vitamin bs and trace mineral.It is an excellent natural flavor enhancer in the food industry with a wide application field.With meath flavor or soy-sauce –like flavor and the strong meaty odor ,It can give a unique delicious taste to food;It also eases the salty or sour taste and covers up the uncomfortable smell of the product ;Yeast extract can withstand a variety of different methods of heat treatment.It is also the ideal culture medium and raw materials of bio-fermentation industry.


Instaant noodle or instant rich noodle, salty flavor, chicken essence, puffed food, soy sause and other sauses, catering seasoning, quick-frozen food, biscuit. health-cae products, food brewing, vegetable food.

Yeast extract

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