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CCA WIRE 2.05MM 1) Diameter:0.12~5.50MM 2) Price :5USD/KG~9USD/KG 3) MOQ: 1TON

CCA WIRE 2.05MM1) Diameter: 0.10 ~ 4.00mm

2) It is mainly used as conductor under high-frequency in coaxial cable taking the place of pure copper wire

3) It is divided into soft state (A kind) and hard state (H kind)

4) It is divided into 10% and 15% two kinds according to volumetric scale of copper layer

5) The DC resistivity at temperature of 20 is less than0.0310Ω.mm2/m

6) Its nominal density is 3.32g/cm3; - 3.63g/cm3;, it is 37-40% of pure copper wire

7) Under the same weight, its length is 2.5-2.7 times that of pure copper wire

8) Its surface is bright and smooth, no any defects

9) It can save a lot of copper resource

10) Its coductivity is good

11) It can reduce the production cost of the cable and it is convenient in construction

12) It has remarkable economic benefit, besides, it is easy to be erected

13) It has good softness

14) The signal quality is centered

15) It has good ability of preventing troubles and the signal is clear 

16) It has become the most common wire used in CATV and other high-frequency

    conduct cable

17) It is a bimetallic wire with a copper cladding concentrically covering an  aluminum core, integrating the beneficial properties of the wonderful conductivity of copper and the light-weight of aluminum

18) It can be scientifically processed into bare wire and flat wire, and it is the best material for coaxial cable, computer cable, telephonecable  and  shielding cable

19) The processing method is similar to that of copper wire during cable manufacture


1) Radiating cable:

    a) Inner conductor of CATV coaxial cable

    b) Leaky cable

    c) Inner conductor of 50 ohm RF cable

    d) Soft coaxial RF cable

2) Power transmission:

    a) Grounding wire of power cable

    b) Conductor of control cable

    c) Twisted pair power cable

    d) Building distribution wire


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