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(B)manual thermostat products 250V 15A
(B)manual thermostat products 250V 15A

manual reset bimetal thermostat 1;ST-12 temp switch 2;thermal switch with instant closed 3;utomatic recovery 4;rapid act

manual reset thermostat products 250V 15A engineering structure figure:

Technical parameters:1.Electrical parameters: 1)CQC,VDE,UL,CUL? AC250V 50~60Hz 5A / 10A / 15A(Resistance load)                         2)UL AC 125V 50Hz 15A(Resistance load)2.Action temperature range:0~240°C(Optional),temperature accuracy:±2 ±3 ±5 ±10°C3.Recovery and action temperature difference: 8~100°C (Optional)4.Connection method: Insert the terminal 250# (bending angle: 0~90° optional); Insert the terminal 187# (bending angle: 0~90° optional; thickness: 0.5, 0.8mm optional)5.Lifespan: ≥ 100,000 times6.Electrical strength: No spark or breakdown for 1min at AC 50Hz 1800V7Contact resistance:≤50mΩ8.Insulation resistance:≤100MΩ9.Junction method: Constant-closed: the contact point disconnects when temperature rises; and contact point connects when temperature falls;Constant-opened:the contact point connects when temperature rises; and contact point disconnects when temperature falls.10.Casing protective class: IP0011.Grounding method: Connection is made between the metal casing of the temperature controller and the metal part of the grounding device.12.Installation method: installed for KI031 series: general moving ring, mini round moving ring, flat moving ring general aluminum cover with mounting hole, extra length aluminum cover with mounting hole.

manually reset thermostat vStructure and application:

The temperature controllers take bimetallic strip as the temperature-sensing unit. In case of normal operation the electrical appliance, the bimetallic strip is in a free state; the contact point is in a state of close/open. When the temperature reaches the action temperature, the bimetallic strip performs quick action, When the electrical appliance is cooled down to the recovery temperature, the contact point can not automatically reset , the people should press down the reset handle with acting force if the contact need to be reset once again, in this way ,the thermostat control the disconnection and connection of circuit.  (Note: 1) It is necessary that you should only press down the reset handle when the temperature drop down by 20°C after the contact action. 2)  In order to make sure the normal operation of thermostat, the vertical space between reset handle and thermostat temperature sensing cover should be more than 20.4mm.)


Stable performance, high accuracy, small size, lightweight, high reliability, long lifespan, less interference to radio Precautions:

1.When adopting contact temperature sensing installation, the surface of the metal cover is required to be securely contacted with the installing surface of the controlled device. For ensuring the temperature sensing effect, it is required to coat thermal conductive grease or other similar thermal conductive medium on the surface of temperature sensor.2.For reliable performance, collapse, loose or distorted top part of the cover is prohibited during installation.3.Liquid inleakage into the controller, crackle in the casing and unauthorized change of external terminal position are prohibited.4.When the product is used in the circuit with maximum current of 5A, the cable with copper core at section 0. 5-1mm2 is required for connection; When the product is used in the circuit with maximum current of 10A, the cable with copper core at section 0.75-1.5 mm2 is required for connection;5.The product should be kept in a clean, dry and corrosive gas-free warehouse with good ventilation and at relative humidity below 90%, environment temperature below 40°C.

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(B)manual thermostat products 250V 15A

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