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medium frequency alternator 400HZ
medium frequency alternator 400HZ

1.Medium Frequency Generators /alternator 2.5-1000kW, 400Hz, 8-48 Pole, 100-3600RPM 3.3/1 Phase 4.State Patent

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DBF Series 300-500Hz5-500kWElectric inverter generator setsISO9001: 2000 CertificationIEC60034-22: 2004 International StandardA number of national patentsRecord over 40 years of product life OutlineDBF Series 5-500kW electric inverter brushless generator adopt international advanced technology and independent innovation research and development of new products, core and windings of the motor and IF generator installed work the body in a frequency-frequency induction motor or synchronous motor driven the IF generator IF energy. Products meet the international standard IEC60034-22: 2004 Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternator (RIC) and the People's Republic of China national military standard GJB1213-91 "IF dual-band generator technical specifications." With self-motivation to build pressure reliable, high precision automatic voltage, electromagnetic interference, the best sinusoidal voltage waveform and the integrated structure, small size, easy to use and novel structure, stable performance, reliable operation.IF generators for three-phase star connection with neutral nominal frequency 200-500Hz, rated line voltage of 115-800V, rated speed 1000-3000r/min. Load power factor of 1.0 to 0.8 (lag).UseDBF series generators double bearing structure, extremely easy to install and use, and is widely used in national defense facilities, airports, communication networks and heating equipment, smelting industry to provide intermediate frequency AC power.Environmental conditionsThis series generators PN-commonly used power output rated power for a long time under the following environmental conditions;This series generator standby power (see Table 1) in the following environmental conditions allow run, but the longest run time each year may not exceed the 500h.Altitude: ≤ 4000m   Altitude ≤ 1000m rated continuous runningAmbient air temperature: -40 °C ~~ 50 °CAmbient air relative humidity: ≤ 90%According to user needs, can be made of the humid tropics and the ambient temperature to 50 ° C generator.Excellent electrical properties1 steady-state voltage regulation: ≤ ± 1.0%2 transient voltage regulation rate: ≤ ± 20%3 voltage recovery time: ≤ 0.5s4 three-phase asymmetric the voltage voltage deviation: ≤ 3.0%5 voltage phase difference: the symmetrical three-phase load, three-phase voltage waveform zero phase difference should be in the range of 120 ° ± 2 °;Asymmetric load three-phase, three-phase voltage waveform zero phase difference range should be 120 ° ± 4 °.6 amount of voltage modulation: ≤ 1.5%7voltage waveform: crest factor: 1.31 to 1.51;Total harmonic content: ≤ 5%;Single harmonic content: ≤ 4%8 Insulation grade: H temperature rise limit: ≤ 125K Unique and innovative structure:A ventilation unique structure, excellent winding cooling heat, won the national patentBfractional slot stator winding voltage sinusoidal waveform, communications, defense facilities, the preferred source of computer network equipmentC compound excitation link design, dynamic performance;D double remanence magnetic field design, self-motivation to establish a reliable voltage.E AVR automatic voltage regulator, high precision, has a low frequency protection link does not appear large excitation current when idling in the prime mover and burned windings;F H-class of insulating materials, according to the assessment of class F, the temperature rise margin ≥ 20K, and vacuum impregnation, long motor life.G AVR group and rotating rectifier bridge solid seal, resistant to moisture, salt spray and chemical environment, seismic.

 Predominant Advantages1.Innovative integrated structure with compace size, original and unique in the world2.Excellent electrical performances in all aspects3.Excellent voltage waveform with lowest harmonic distortion, suitable for all kinds of important applications4.Ultra-low operation temperature rise with big temperature rise margin to ensure high reliability and long service life5.Unique ventilation structure, licensed with national technical patent6.Unique Compound Excitation Technology to endow the products with excellent dynamic performance7.Unique Double Remanence Technology to provide complete reliability in self-excited voltage buildup8.Solid fully encapsulated AVR and rectifier to resist moisture, vibration, salt fog and chemical corrosions9.Precise voltage regulation with low-speed protection10.Compact size, popular outline, high reliability and long service life

medium frequency alternator 400HZ

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