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Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier
Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier

Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier 1,Moisture remover 2,Free sample 3, High absorption rate of 200%  Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier  

1)Home desiccant dehumidifier box 2)Environmental Friendly 3)Refillable 4)Top grade Calcium Chloride desiccant 5)Free sample


 Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier  is a non-electronic de-humidifier, which protects your babys clothes, toys, towels and linens from musty odours, fungal growths and allergens. By trapping and locking-in excess moisture, AbsorbKing dehumidifier protects your baby from the harmful effects of humidity and dampness.

Use Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier in your babys cupboards and other storage areas, to eliminate mould patches and musty smells from your babys belongings. Musty smells, are an indicator of mould. With mould come mould spores, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Absorbking is an easy solution to a majorproblem. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your particular needs.

Prevents damage caused by humidity Interior humidity absorber desiccant dehumidifier 


1,Adsorption: moisture rate is 5 times than ordinary in the equal condition. Moisture come up to 150g.

2,Environmental: degradation is 100% which compare with traditional desiccant


1.Removes dampness caused by humidity.

2.Prevents bad odor.

3.To be put in closet, bathroom or ant other place at your home.

4.Prevents mildew.





1, Remove the moisture absorber of wardrobe, locker, booker, storage box and other place where need moisture absorber.


2, Placed in the room, can be effective in preventing high-grade wooden furniture, appliances, machinery and equipment, electronic products, such as damp moldy; adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gas molecules.


Using function:


  Open the packaging and the lid, gently tear the upper sealing aluminum foil (attention that not to damage the underlying white breathable paper), close the lid on the space can be in need of moisture.




Do not drop the container, break down, and do not scratch the upper layer of moisture paper. Not edible, not the box upside down.


The use of post-processing methods: container of the liquid is alkaline, and can not be reused, poured into the sink to discard the can.


Keep away from children.


Caution:Eye irritant. Harmful if swallowed

  Interior moisture removing desiccant dehumidifier

How to clean up spills:Hard Surface: Mop up liquid with dry cloth.Wipe the area with damp cloth. Carpets: Mop up liquid as much as possible.Wet the spot with water and press dry with cloth.Clothing: Hand wash imidiately with detergent & cold water.Do not mix with other washing


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