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International environmental waste/used tyre/rubber/plastic pyrolysis/distillation/recycling oil plant/machine/equipment
International environmental waste/used tyre/rubber/plastic pyrolysis/distillation/recycling oil plant/machine/equipment

1:can get the standard diesel &gas 2:high output oil rate 3:Installation period is short,good profit 4:no polution 5.Small

International environmental waste/used tyre/rubber/plastic pyrolysis/distillation/recycling oil plant/machine/equipment  :

Process description

 Feed the scrap tyres directly into the revolving-normal pressure split processor, catalyze, and heated, distillate oil vapor, transfer the oil vapor. Then through condenser, the liquefiable phase condensed to tyre oil. The unliquefiable ones come through gas system, and were burnt in the bottom of the processor. The black carbon after cooling will be discharged automatically through the outlet

1, HuaHong refining equipment, complete in specification, type of small investment, production and reuse,;

2, refining equipment operation platform, and it is the only country combined modular design in the world , installation simple and short cycle;

3, HuaHong refining equipment simple operation, the use of safe, suitable for use in all over the world;

4, HuaHong refining equipment eliminate the white and black pollution, protect the green earth;

5, HuaHong refining equipment process is advanced, for air, water, and the surface does not produce any pollution;

6, HuaHong refining equipment directly for the use of waste gas combustion re-blows again, save energy;

7, HuaHong refining equipment out of the oil refining of mixed fuel oil, and can be directly used for combustion boiler and need to use fuel oil machine, by distillation process can also produce with gasoline and diesel car;

8, HuaHong refinery byproduct of refining equipment for wire and carbon black, wire can directly second use; Carbon black can be used to processing chemical raw materials production refined carbon black, very high added value;

9, HuaHong refining equipment whether refining equipment improvement or improve the production process can completely according to customer requirements for processing customization;

10, HuaHong refining equipment circumspect after service, perfect, free to impart catalyst production technology customers, remove the customer extra worries.

HuaHong refining equipment, energy saving, eliminate pollution, benefits the world.

modelsizeheating area(m2)volume(m3)Chain weight of plastics(T)Tire weight(T)Segmentation tire weight(T)

feeding machine

Installation requirements:

1, water, electricity should be sufficient, the power supply for 380 V or 220 V, customer shall explain the local electricity condition in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble; 2, raw material pre-prepared; 3, flat, open ground; 4, welders pre-prepared, workers ready during construction period.

raw materials:

1, all kinds of waste soft plastic, such as plastic bags, disposable plastic cutlery, woven bag, canopy film, striped cloth, shading cloth; 2, fishing nets, construction site safety net, plastic wire skin, or shattered pieces of plastic

Yield efficiency and production:

1, according to the content of plastic and purity of end product, oil yield around 20%-70% ; 2, one furnace/per day, the oil capacity differs according to raw materials . 3, 3.5 tons /per feeding.

remote console



Our device is equipped with the pressure gauge,alarms,the safety valves and the anti-blocking devices. Normal operation is going on under negative pressure or ordinary pressure. In case of being blocked , the alarms will be ringing,if no response from workers, the safety valves will be opened and reduce the pressure . The devices guarantee no accidents.

modular platform

After Sales Service:

1.Quality warranty period: One year warranty for the main reactor of pyrolysis machines and lifetime maintenance for complete set of machines.

2.Our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer's site including the training of skills of buyer's workers on operation, maintenance, etc.

Delivery items& payment items:

1.Trade terms:FOB Lianyungang port

2.Delivery time:15 days

3.MOQ: 1 set

4.Payment term:30% T/T in advance, the balance paid before shipment

5.Packing :Container or Frame box  


( function(){ var aBigImageSrc = [ 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v5/609472996_1/International_environmental_waste_used_tyre_rubber_plastic.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v5/609472996_2/International_environmental_waste_used_tyre_rubber_plastic.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v5/609472996_3/International_environmental_waste_used_tyre_rubber_plastic.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v5/609472996_4/International_environmental_waste_used_tyre_rubber_plastic.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v5/609472996_5/International_environmental_waste_used_tyre_rubber_plastic.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v5/609472996_6/International_environmental_waste_used_tyre_rubber_plastic.jpg' ]; var oProductShow = new AE.run.minisite.productShow(); oProductShow.init( { 'aImgSrc': aBigImageSrc } ); } )(); International environmental waste/used tyre/rubber/plastic pyrolysis/distillation/recycling oil plant/machine/equipment

Verified Information This information is Verified by Bureau Veritas and validity period is 2012/08/15 --- 2013/08/15 All the information below may covers both Gold Supplier and its related companies , Their Relationship will be affirmed according to china laws and regulations , also it will be clearly display in the full report >> Production Capacity: Product line name Production Line Capacity Actual Units Produced(Previous Year)
It will turn waste tyre into fuel oil, our products Waste Plastic Oil Refining Machine, Waste Tire Oil Refining Machine, Trencher, Loader, Pile-Driver USD 8,000,000.00 per year USD 2,194,492.06
Export Market Distribution: Market Revenue(Previous Year) Total Revenue (%)
Domestic Market USD 2,192,292 100.0
Production Machinery: Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Engine lathe C616 5 3.0 Acceptable
Vertical lift platform milling machine X53T 2 3.0 Acceptable
Radial drilling machine Z3050*6 3 2.0 Acceptable
Shaping machine 3690 1 2.0 Acceptable
Boring machine T611 1 2.0 Acceptable
Bending machine WC67Y-10X3200 1 2.0 Acceptable
Plate shearing machine SB/HH34 1 2.0 Acceptable
Automatic welding machine 18-60 1 2.0 Acceptable
Plasma cutting machine SB/HH30 1 2.0 Acceptable
Testing Machinery: Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Dialgage 0-10mm 3 2.0 Acceptable
Microcalliper 0-400mm 8 2.0 Acceptable
Vernier calipers 0-1000mm 15 2.0 Acceptable
Production Flow: 1.Shearing 2.Bending 3.Lathing 4.Milling 5.Drilling 6.Shaping 7.Boring 8.Cutting 9.Welding 10.Assembling 11.Painting Certification: Certified Picture Certification Name Certified By Certificate No. Product Name & Model No. Available Date-Expired Date
ISO9001:2008 CQC, CNAS 00112Q25812R0S/4100 Production and service of trencher(1KHL-120;1KHL-80; 1KHP-80;1KZ-150), Small Loaders(ZL-03; ZL-04; ZL-06; ZL-08; ZL-10; ZL-12; ZL-15; ZL-204;) 2012/06/21 --- 2015/06/20

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