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FB-PPR Fiberglass Composite Pipe
FB-PPR Fiberglass Composite Pipe

FB-PPR Fiberglass Composite Pipe Iner layer is PPR Outer layer is PPR Middle layer is FIberglass



Cold and hot water systems of residence and commercial buildings Transportation of industrial and chemical materials Pure water pipe system Piping networks for rainwater utilization systems Irrigation systmes for gardens Transportation system of drinking water production Piping networks for solar plants Other pipes in industry and agriculture



 Well heat resistant ability. This pipe can be used for a long time while the working temperature of water is 70 degree. The softening temperature is 140 degree.

Well insulation ability. Long life span. Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, PP-R pipes can be used for over 50 years. The inner walls of PP-R pipes are smooth and linescale will mot be formed there. The wear resistance factor is only 0.007, considerably lower than matal pipes. The ability for carrying water for PP-R pipes increses by over 30% than metal pipes with the same size. Environmental friendly. During the process of production, construction and use, PPR pipes will not make any pollution to the environment. Economical. The price of PP-R pipes is almost the same with the galvanized pipes, with convenient construction, they are cheaper. Light weight. The density of PPR pipes is 0.89-0.9g/cm, only 1/8 of the steel pipes, 1/10 of copper pipes. The light weight will reduce the transportation cost and the construction intensity. Healthy. The materials of PPR pipes are formed with just two elements, that is, Carbon and Hydrogen. The sanitation performance of the materials has passed the examination by the government authority. Well corrosion resistance. Except few oxidents, the pipes can endure the erosion of many kind of chemical material. The pipes will bot be rusted, eroded, bree the frouth of bacteria.

10.  Little expansion force. The expansion force formed with the change of temperature is little. The pipes are suitable for the installation of inside walls and concealed for construction.

11.  Complete accessories. PPR pipe system have a full set of accessories and can meet the requirements of general project.

12.  Solid connection. PPR pipe system adopts the hot-welding way for connection. The pipes and fittings are linked together. The tensile, bending and impact intensity at the interface is bigger than the pipe intensity, avoiding the hidden danger of water leakage

FB-PPR Fiberglass Composite Pipe

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