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Refrigeration cold storage
Refrigeration cold storage

standard cold refrigeration storage for food color steel plate PVC static-free floor ISO9001:2001 China telecom level

supermarket cold storage main storage: meat food, tea, edible fungus, dairy products, agricultural products, fruit, vegetables, aquatic products, cold drink ice cream etc.

Its installation handling is convenient,assembly opening time is short.It is more appropriate for mobile unit and individual appearance.

cold storage,cool storage cold room refrigerator freezer

1"FEIYASI"intergration cooling system including the following parts:2Emerson's Copeland Scroll Compressor;3,Hi-thread condenser;4,High-thread series of low-temperature DD evaporator.5,Emerson high-end expansion valve.(Series expansion valve with low-temperature,high-temperature capillary cut)

6,Full computer control system (automatic control).,Japan Saginomiya solenoid valve (a set of solenoid valve has three units: running -cream filling - liquid spray).7,Rotor with 4 sets of high-blower.8LG electrical components.

9Emerson dry filter, pressure relay protection, the protection of high-temperaturecompressor temperature control (temperature liquid spray).

10,Condensate water processor + brass tube + frozen oil + cooling of the refrigerant404A +silver eletrode + Insulation + power cord.


Storage is to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and enzyme activity of fruits and vegetables, extending for a storage period. Modern fruits and vegetables preservation is the main way of low temperature preservation. Fruit and vegetable preservation temperature range of 0 to 15 DEG C, storage can decrease the incidence and pathogens of fruit decay rate, also may slow the rate of fruit respiration metabolic processes, so as to prevent decay, prolong the storage period of the.

Refrigeration cold storage

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