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Fresh cold storage
Fresh cold storage

fresh cold room 1.Supply power: 380V-50Hz 2.Temp: -5~ +10'C 3.BITZER condensing unit

cold storage for meat main storage: meat food, tea, edible fungus, dairy products, agricultural products, fruit, vegetables, aquatic products, cold drink ice cream etc.

Its installation handling is convenient,assembly opening time is short.It is more appropriate for mobile unit and individual appearance.


Fresh cold storageis mainly used for food, flowers, tea, herbs, medicines, medical equipment, chemical raw materials and other goods storage temperature. Cold storage preservation of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, storage, fresh meat and other food to a very good preservation effect, so it is usually called the preservation library, storage temperature and generally not lower than 0 DEG C, food cold storage is the lower the temperature, but also not arbitrarily low temperatures all food can obtain the good storage effect of. Food in the preservation of library storage generally does not affect its internal organization, preservation can make food to maintain the original flavor and freshness, while customers also should not be the pursuit of low storage temperatures, reduced the temperature will directly bring equipment initial investment and operation cost increase. Advise clients to buy a refrigerator when advice to my company, we will according to your storage of goods for you to choose the best scheme characteristics.Storage is to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and enzyme activity of fruits and vegetables, extending for a storage period. Modern fruits and vegetables preservation is the main way of low temperature preservation. Fruit and vegetable preservation temperature range of 0 to 15 DEG C, storage can decrease the incidence and pathogens of fruit decay rate, also may slow the rate of fruit respiration metabolic processes, so as to prevent decay, prolong the storage period of the.The temperature range of fruits and vegetables fresh  0 °C ~ 15 °C.


Fresh cold storage

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