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40*40cm Highly absorbent multipurpose Microfiber towel
40*40cm Highly absorbent multipurpose Microfiber towel

Highly absorbent multipurpose Microfiber towel Size:40*40cm Weight:300gsm soft,comfortable and good touch washable,durable

Product Description:

Highly absorbent multipurpose Microfiber  towel have particular care requirements due to their unusual cleaning properties and composition. As you probably know, microfiber is excellent for dusting and scrubbing because of the static-charged, woven fibers. The combination of polyamide and polyester is incredibly strong and soft, and microfiber towels absorb 7 times their weight in moisture

Item:Microfiber car cleaning towel



Weight range:220gsm-400gsm

Weave:warp knitting


MOQ:6000pcs/customized color

We are a speacialized manufacturer of microfiber towel with have many years in this field.If you are interested in our microfiber towel,pls feel free to contact to us.


1)Super absorben

superfine fiber using orange petal type technology will filament into eight disc, so that the fibers increase the surface area, pore increase in fabric, with the aid of capillary wicking effect enhanced absorption effect. Fast absorbing water and drying it to become the significant characteristics.

2)Strong detergency

diameter of 0.4 ~ m micro fiber fineness of silk 1 / 10, a special cross-section can more effectively capture the few small-micron particles of dust, dirt, oil, the effect is very obvious

3)Dont shed

high strength synthetic filament, and not easily broken, while the fine weaving, spinning, from circle, fiber is not easy fall off from the surface of the towel. By rubbing it into a clean towel, towel is especially suitable for wiping and bright paint surface, surface plating, glass, instruments and LCD screen, in the process of paster glass cleaning, can achieve very ideal film effect

4)Long service life

because of superfine fiber strength, toughness, therefore it is the life of an ordinary towel service life more than 4 times, even after repeated washing the invariance, at the same time, like cotton fiber macromolecule polymerization as a protein hydrolysis, even after drying, will not mildew, rot, has a long life.

5)Easy cleaning

the ordinary towel when using, especially natural fiber towel, will be clean surface dirt, grease, dirt, directly to the fiber absorption, after the use of residues in fibers, is not easy to clean, use for a long time, even hard to lose elasticity, affect the use of. Superfine fiber towel is adsorption in the dirt ( rather than between fiber fiber ), fiber size, coupled with high density, so the strong adsorption capacity, use only with water or a wash detergent

super soft,comfortable and good touchit has strong aborbency abilitywashable,durable than cotton clothEco-friendly and long-term usageNo bad odors


Used in car cleaning,glass,furniture,etc

Product Details:

 Compare with cotton Fiber

The use of microfiber towels method:

40*40cm Highly absorbent multipurpose Microfiber towel

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