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New Arrival unique design bluetooth bracelet watch
New Arrival unique design bluetooth bracelet watch

bluetooth bracelet watch 1.caller's ID display 2.vibration warning 3.hands free function 4.CE FCC;fashion watch

Bluetooth Bracelet manual



1. Charging

The Bluetooth bracelet comes with a built in rechargeable battery. Before using the bracelet for the first time please charge the battery fully (Approximately 2-3 hour charge).

1.1 How to Charge

To charge the bracelet please plug the appropriate end in to the bracelet charge plug on the bracelet and the USB end either into a computer or the wall adapter provided.

1.2 Normal Charging Time

The bracelet will normally take 1 hours charge from completely flat. When the battery is fully charged the screen will show “ charge OK”

1.3 Charge Indication

The screen will first show “Charger In”, and then show “Charging”.

1.4 Standby Time

Up to 100 hours standby time, note that the stand by time is effected by how often the bracelet vibrates and screen display.

1.5 Low Battery Notification

When the battery is running low the screen will show “Low Battery”. When this occurs please charge the bracelet to ensure greater battery life.

2. Turning the Bracelet OFF/ON

To turn the bracelet on: push the button K1 for 2 seconds until the screen show “power on”, Then show time“88 :88”

To turn the bracelet off : push the button K1 until the screen show “power off”.

3. Set up time

Push Button K2 more than 2 seconds, to set up new time, screen show “hour” flash.

Then push button K1 to set up “hour”;push button K2 to set up “minute”,Push button K1 to set up “minute” . Push button K2 to exit time set up model.

4. Pairing Bracelet with phone

To pair the bracelet with your phone:

·  Keep bracelet within 1 meter of your phone

·  Ensure bracelet is turned off to begin

·  Push the button K1 for 4 seconds until the screen show “ Pairing”

·  Search for the device on your phone, it will come up with the name “Bracelet”

·  Press yes to pair the device

·  It will then ask for a pass code enter “0000”

·  Press yes to connect the device and authorize it

· The screen will show “mobile no.” once the pair success. Then screen show time,and screen have earphone sign to show bracelet connect with mobile already.

Remarks: The screen will first show “Pair Fail”, and then “No Connect” once the pairing failed.

5. Link loss

Earphone sign will be disappear from the screen and bracelet will vibrate.

6. Linking Bracelet with phone

When the bracelet is turned back on, depending on your phone it should re-link automatically

To re-link the bracelet with the phone manually go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone select the bracelet in this list and choose the connect with device option. Ensure that your bracelet is now turned on. You may have to re-enter the pass code.

7. Bracelet Operation

The bracelet will vibrate and show the caller’s no. when you have an incoming call.

8. To Reset Bracelet

You may want to reset the bracelet back to the original factory settings, this function clears all current pairings with bracelet:

·  Ensure that bracelet is switched off

·  Connect the power charge cable to the bracelet and charge for a few seconds

·  The bracelet will now turn off and all parings have been cleared.

9. Safety Guidelines

·  Do not submerse the bracelet in liquid or expose to a high amount of moisture or humidity

·  Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the bracelet

·  Do not expose the bracelet to extreme temperatures high or low.

·  Do not stick anything on the inside of the bracelet as this may damage or stop the bracelet from working

·  Store bracelet in a safe dry place away from extreme temperatures and dust

· Do not attempt to replace the bracelet's battery yourself

·  Only used the charge cable hat came with the bracelet

·  Do not use the charger outdoors

Product Specification

Bluetooth Version 1.2

Frequency Range: 2.4GHz

Charging Time: 1 Hours

Stand By Time: 48 Hours

New Arrival unique design bluetooth bracelet watch

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