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Calcium Chloride anhydrous
Calcium Chloride anhydrous

41,calcium chloride anhydrous cacl2 2,specialized manufacturer for years 3,Calcium chloride ( CaCl2 ) content94%

Anhydrous calcium chloride: ( Calcium chloride anhydrous ), white cubic crystal or powder, strong hygroscopicity, relative density 2.15, melting point 775 °C, 1935.5°Cboiling point. Soluble in water and ethanol. Used for various substances desiccant, road dust, soil improvement agent, refrigerant. For chemical reagents, pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives, feed additives and manufacturing calcium metal materials. Also used for dehydrating agent, sizing agent, water purifying agent. Anhydrous calcium chloride is commonly used in industry and laboratory desiccant, but cannot be used to dry the ethanol and ammonia.

1, chemical formula: CaCl2

2, molecular weight: 110.98

3, CAS No:10043-52-4

4, the customs code HS:2827200000

5, characters: white granular substance, no smell slightly bitter, hygroscopicity strong, exposed to the air easily deliquescence, soluble in water, and release a lot of heat, soluble in alcohol, acetone, acetic acid.

6, industrial grade level (GB GB/T 26520-2011 )

Our use of a fluidized bed granulation method is completely closed, full automation, high purity and other characteristics, is a white solid granular.

Calcium chloride ( CaCl2 ) content of -------------------------------------------------------≥ 94,ω

The basicity of [ Ca (OH) 2 ],ωof -------------------------------------------------------≤ 0.25

Total alkali metal chloride ( NaCl),ωof -----------------------------------------≤ 5

Water insoluble,ωof ----------------------------------------------------------------------≤ 0.3

Iron ( Fe )≤ 0.006,ωof ----------------------------------------------------------------------

PH value of -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8.0

Total magnesium ( MgCl2)≤ 0.5,ωof ------------------------------------------------------------

Sulfate ( CaSO4),ωof -------------------------------------------------------≤ 0.5

7, use: industrial calcium chloride, a white or white block. Neutral or slightly alkaline soluble in water, easy deliquescence. Chemical raw materials, a wide range of uses, mainly used in chemical, food, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, frozen shaft mine; also used for certain dyes, tanning, pharmaceutical industry. Mainly used in industrial production, water purification agent, sizing agent, desiccant, dehydrating agent, cleaning agent, soil improvement agent, antifreeze, coolant. Anhydrous calcium chloride has strong moisture absorption effect, is dry organic solvent and a variety of gas well dewatering; is the refrigerator and ice making main refrigerant; infrastructure mixed soil hardening and increased cold resistance ability, is a good waterproof agent; used for the protection of aluminum-magnesium metallurgy, refining agent for waste paper deinking and processing; production of calcium salt raw materials; used in the manufacture of barium chloride, boiler water treatment preparation, calcium metal, plastic, fabric processing, coal processing, leather tanning Road, medicine and other aspects is the manufacture of molecular sieve important raw material, also can be used for sewage treatment of demulsifier.

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