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vacuum homogenizer solid & liquid mixer
vacuum homogenizer solid & liquid mixer

vacuum homogenizer solid & liquid mixer 1)10-5000L 2)CE,CCC,CIQ 3)capacity 10-5000L 4)material 304/316L

vacuum homogenizer solid & liquid mixer

Features: stable, compact, good quality, low price

Suitable: cream, paste, ointment, lotion, gel, conditioner, milk, sauce, etc

Model: PMK

Capacity: 10~5000L

Vacuum: -0.095Mpa

Fineness: 2µm

Contact part: SS304/316L (three jackets,contact amterial parts adopt SS316L, the other two layers adopt SS304-2B)

Homogenizer speed: 0~3600 rpm

Scraper speed: 0~63rpm

Lifting: hydraulic lifting system

Heating: by steam/electrically

Operation: automatically (PLC)/manually

Class: GMP (optional)

Certification: CE (optional)

Parameters details:

Emulsifier type: Homogenizing mixer Effect : High shearing mixer Working type: Vacuum emulsifier Application place: Applicate in industrial Discharge material: Cosmetic  Cylinder shape: Trough type Application area: Cosmetic  Brand : Promake machinery Model : PMK 300L Power : 60(Kw)  Outlook size(lenth*width*height): 3170*2430*3950(mm)  Weight : 500(Kg)  Production capacity: 120(L/Hr)  Noise : 30(dB)  Spindle speed : 60(r/min)  Equipped way: Hydraulic lift tilting type Application temperature: 98(°C)  Processing custom: yes 

Application :

   PMK type lift vacuum homogeneous emulsion machine is our company combined with foreign advanced technology development of high quality products, is according to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry small batch production and often produce different kinds of product ointment, high-grade cream ,emulsion of special equipment.

Working principle:

Material in water pot, frying pan inside through the heating ,mixing in the mixed reaction ,the vacuum pump suction emulsion pot, through the emulsion in the pot, upper center stirring, Teflon scraper always cater to mixing pot form, and net hanging wall sticky material, make blown take material continuously generate new interface, and then after the blade cut, compression, folding, make its paddle? Mix, mixed and down flow went to pot body below homogenizer place, material and through the high speed rotating cutting wheel and fixed cutting set produced between the powerful shear, impact, turbulence process, material in the shear in the joint were cut, quickly broken into 200 um 0.2 um particles, due to the emulsion pot in the vacuum state, and the material in the mixing process of bubble was siphoned off in time. Using vacuum suction way, make the production of products in the mixing process no longer interfuse bubble, so as to ensure can produce rich luster, exquisite and ductility good quality products

 Performance and characteristics :

Continuous workload is big, especially suitable for single products of continuous processing;

Operation is simple to use and emulsifying homogenous better;

Mixing USES the import TaiDa variable frequency control, power province, mechanical protection function is strong, constant torque work more stable mechanical operation. Can be free to choose production speed, hydraulic lifting system free lift pot;

Homogeneous machine Lord design from Germany ephod barouche company, high shear vortex type emulsion mixing slow type scraping mixing, automatic clingy POTS and pan wall;

PROMAKE MACHINERY seal leakage is good, service life is long, homogeneous machine can 24 hours of continuous work.

Bearing USES the Japanese NSK bearing;

Using vacuum material, especially for powder materials, the use of vacuum suction avoid dust float in the sky, the whole production process in vacuum conditions, prevent material in high speed and mix have bubbles, can achieve clean sterile requirements;

The whole equipment support stainless steel outsourcing, pot body outer polishing 300 u, containers and material contact part adopts 316 l stainless steel manufacturing, to ensure the stability of the equipment, suitable for GMP and cosmetic standard;

  Safety protection function, make the production more safety.

This equipment is set vacuum desecration, mix, homogeneous, heating, electronic function in a body, the equipment by vacuum homogeneous emulsion pot, pot oil phase and water phase pot, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system composition.

PROMAKE PMK Hydraulic elevator type under homogeneous vacuum emulsifying machine performance and characteristics: 1, the machine adopts the upper coaxial type two-way speed scraping the wall mixer, mixing speed 0-63 r/min, coaxial on homogenizer speed 0-3500 r/min (frequency control of motor speed). 2, the machine adopts international advanced technology, the homogeneous machine in the best position, can obtain good homogeneous effect; Cooperate with two-way box type mixing, specially to contain powder kind, polymer class paste system out of the finished product is very exquisite. 4, powerful hydraulic lifting system USES unique seal device, in a free lift on more stable. Advantages of this unit is ADVANTAGE upper coaxial three heavy mixer, hydraulic lifting open cover, quick homogeneous stirrer speed: 0-3500 r/min (frequency control of motor speed), slow scraping the wall stirrer speed: 0 - r/min (frequency control of motor speed), homogenizer using high shear vortex type emulsion mixer, slow scraping the wall mixing automatic clingy POTS and pan wall. Using vacuum material, especially for powder material using vacuum suction avoid dust float in the sky. The whole process in vacuum conditions, prevent material in high speed stirring after have bubbles, can achieve health aseptic requirements. This system is equipped with CIP cleaning system, containers and material contact part adopts SUS316L material manufacturing, inner surface mirror polishing 300 emsh (health level) in order to ensure the stability of the control section, vacuum pump with the German's naxi (formerly Siemens) products, according to new USES the Japanese Fuji company product and frequency converter are Japan's matsushita electric, electric control part adopts Siemens company products. The unit fully comply with GMP manufacturing, is currently the most advanced, the most ideal cream, cream production equipment. After sales and services: 1, product quality warranty period a year, life-long service

vacuum homogenizer solid & liquid mixer

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