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Agrochemical penetrant product New Azonc products are the most efficient permeatable promoter in agrochemicals.

Oil like liquids appears colorless or light yellowish, stinkless and nearlyodorless.

Chemical name: l-n-dodenylazacycloneptan-2-oneMolecular formula:C18H35NO Molecular weight: 281.48Physical natures Refractive index:1.4610-1.4720 Relative density:0.900-0.926 Bromide: 0. 1% Heavy metal: 0.001% Acidity and alkalinity neutral reaction Content:95.0-103.0% Solubility:dissolves in any organic solvent

In Agrochemicals Azone mainly be applied in pesticides, fungicides and herbicides with the formulations of Emulsifiable concentrate(EC),Liquid(include aquueous solution) and Dust(powder)They are mainly as follows:1. Organophosphorus pesticides:Parathion, Parathion-methyl, Methamidophos, Monocrotophos,Quinalphos, phoxin, Dimethoate,

Omethoate, Malathion, Profenofos etc.In the products above Azone can be added generally by 0.8-1.2% in their mono-

formulation or mixture.2. Pyrethrum pesticides:Delthmethrin, Cypermethrin, Fenvalerate, Cyhalothrin, Esfenvalerate,Fenpropathrin, Bifenthrin etc.

In this kind of products, Azone's dosage is about 0.5-1.2% in their mono-formulation or mixture.3. Carbamate pesticides:Methomyl, Pirimicarb Carbaryl ,Carbofuran etc. In this kind of products, Azone' dosage is about

0.5-1.5% in their mono-formulation or mixture.4. Other agrochemicals such as herbicides, fungicides:The best dosage of Azone in these products need to be determined by experiment.


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