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infrared heating blanket electronic blanket
infrared heating blanket electronic blanket

* Health care product * Infrared heating blanket * OEM welcomed * CE approved

Infrared heating blanket  

     Size: 160*60cm (customized)

Voltage: 220v



Functions and features:

1. Infrared ray health care; promote blood circulation, improve immunity

2. Promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue

3. High-grade flannelette, warm and comfortable

4. Waterproof PVC inside

5. With thermal fuse working principle, keep safe and health

It is one of most effective and the safest scientific methods in the twenty first century to keep fit with over infrared ray heat energy . All enemy in the earth will active cells under the shining by over infrared rays and great supersession . The over infrared ray owns the functions of radiation and infiltration .it can tilter until 3-10cn under skins contraction .it owns the heats effects to muscles bones and inner hearts . So it has the affections of moxibustion and can speed up bloods circulation activate cells . Replenish energy and metabolism .it has good effects fatness ,diminish . analgesia sterilization, Cure and treatments.

Electric heating blanket, also known as electric mattress, is a contact-type heater with it a special, soft insulation up to standard cable-style heating element was set into the snake-like woven or sewn into the blankets, the power is issued when the heat. Is mainly used for people to sleep, to raise the temperature to achieve blanket heating purposes. Can also be used for bedding in to the influx of dehumidification. It is low power consumption, the temperature can be adjusted, easy to use, widely used, more than 100 years of history.

heating blanket with a warm, comfortable, health, light, etc., for arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and chronic bronchitis, etc. Has a certain role of adjuvant therapy.

 Physiological Effect of the far infrared Ray from the blanket

1.   Promote the physiological redox  reaction: reduce the surplus fat to be piled up. Improve the physic makeup   

2.   Effect of heat keeping :saving the consumption of physical stamina ,keep body physical stamina ,the sports can consume physical stamina to reduce the weight while the far infrared lights let the cells exercise to generate the plentiful stamina without the energy consumed

3.   Promote the perspiration and fat elimination (should pay attention to supplementing the moisture ),be helpful to the excretion of the heavy metal ,toxin ,deposit wastage in body

4.   Active the physiology function ,let the hormone and ferment be sharpened

5.   Invigorate ,accelerate the metabolism ,strengthen the use of the nutritional ingredients ,and dispel the fatigue

6.   Physically cure the muscle and nerve diseases ,produce the positive function to the liver ,and dispel the tension and inexplicable pains for the liver

7.   Prevent the pervasion of the cancer cells

8.   Warming navel and womb ,accelerate to gastroenters squirm and digestive

infrared heating blanket electronic blanket

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