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Meta Aramid fiber
Meta Aramid fiber

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Meta Aramid fiber

Our N600 is available for spinning purpose for protective apparrels and other special industrial fabrics

Jiulong Meta-aramid is an aromatic polyamide fiber which possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties . It can be applied widely in filtration, thermal protective apparel and honeycombed structure materials,etc. 

Heat resistance Jiulong Meta-aramid fibre offers outstanding heat resistance, being resistant to melting even after many hours of exposure to heat. 75% of original strength is retained after exposure to dry-heat of 200°C for 1000 hours. 

Flame resistance The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of Jiulong Meta-aramid fibre is over 28%. It  will not burn, melt or drip. Above 370°C They will start to carbonise and decompose. 

Heat insulating properties They have excellent heat insulating properties. These and its high dielectric strength enable Class-H (up to 180°C) insulating paper to be manufactured from it.

Resistance to chemicals It exhibits very good resistance to many chemicals. It is resistant to most strong inorganic acid and shows excellent resistance to alkalis at room temperature. 

Good textile properties Its low stiffness and high elongation give excellent textile-like properties and characteristics, allowing processing on all types of conventional textile equipment. The staple version can be processed into yarns for the manufacture of knitted and woven fabrics as well as non-woven fabrics. Filament yarn can be converted into knitted and woven fabrics.

Radiation resistance It shows good resistance to α,β and ultraviolet radiation. 

Fiber Type



Primary EndUses


Natural White Staple



1.0,1.5,2.0, 3.0D;38,51, 76,85mm,etc.

Natural bright lusterstaple fiber; High crystallinity;High strength; Low dyeability

Sewing thread, felts, protective apparel, etc.


1.5,2.0,3.0D, 5.0D,10D,12D;38,51,76,85, 102mm or 4,6, 8,10mm,etc.

Natural bright lusterstaple fiber, Lowdye ability

Filtration fabric; Insulation materials, thermal resistant furnishings, paper makers

Solution Dyed Staple



1.0,1.5,2.0, 3.0D;38,51, 76,85mm

Staple fiber in arange of solutiondyed colors;High crystallinity;Good textileproperties

Protective apparel



1.5, 2.0,3.0D;38,51,76, 85mm or 4,6, 8,10mm,etc.

Staple fiber in arange of solutiondyed colors; High color fastness

Flame resistant furnishings, etc.


Natural White Filament






Natural bright lusterFilament;

Rubber hose reinforcement,electrical insulation, protective apparel, etc.

Solution Dyed Filament







Filament in a rangeof solution dyedcolors, High colorfastness.

Protective apparel


N600 is a natural white staple fibre. It has high crystallinity and strength, and is sold in several staple lengths. It has applications in insulating felts, sewing thread, zipper tapes and the manufacture of heat resistant paper; it can also be used for knitted products. N601 N601 is a natural white staple fibre, and is the standard fibre type used in the production of hot gas filtration materials such as filter cloth, filter bags, etc. It also can be used for the manufacture of insulating materials such as insulating tape and felt, etc. N602 N602 is a natural white staple fibre. It has lower crystallinity than type N600 and yarns and fabrics produced from type N602 staple will dye uniformity, however it has a somewhat lower strength than type N600. A blend of type N602 combined with para-aramid fibre and static dissipative fibre can produce fabrics for the application of protective apparels in many fields to avoid and minimise the hazards of flash fire, arc and intense flame. N602 can be used as a 100% meta-aramid staple for thermal-resistant furnishings. 

S101 & S102 S101& S102 staple fibres are solution-dyed fibre, available in a broad range of colours. S101 is mainly used in protective apparel applications; S102 is used in applications requiring superior colour fastness such as thermal-resistant furnishings.

Meta Aramid fiber

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