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Panox & kevlar fiber blended felt
Panox & kevlar fiber blended felt

Panox & kevlar felt Used in clothing heat-resistance/insulation middle layer for heat resistant, flame retardant,cut-proofing  Panox & kevlar feltMaterials: processed from fine aramid fibers, panox fiberCharacteristics: high temperature, fire-retardant properties, thermal conductivity, insulation effect is good, and with good thermal stability, the strong  higher performanceUses: used to make insulation products, high-end cars, trains, aircraft interiors and fire insulation of clothing insulation Kevlar = Aramid 1414       Appearance Of Golden Yellow, Looks Like Shiny Metal Threads, In Fact There Is A Rigid Molecule Consisting Of Liquid Crystal Polymers. Because Of Its High Degree Of Molecular Chain Orientation Along The Length Direction, And Has A Very Strong Binding Force Between Chains, Giving An Unprecedented High Fiber Strength, High Modulus And High Temperature Properties.      Aramid 1414 Discovery Of The Material Is Considered An Important Milestone In The Development Sector. Aramid 1414 Has High Strength, More Than 28 Grams / Denier, High-Quality Steel Is 5-6 Times The Modulus Of Steel Or Glass Fiber 2-3 Times The Toughness Of A Steel Two-Fold, While The Weight Of Steel Is Only 1 / 5. (1414 Aramid Strength And Toughness Is Also Extremely Difficult To Cut And Processed, The Need For Expensive Professional Tools.)      1414 Aramid Continuous Use Of A Very Wide Temperature Range, At -196 °C To 204 °C Within The Scope Of The Long-Term Normal Operation. At 150 °C Under The Contraction Rate Of 0, At 560 °C Does Not Break Down Under High Temperature Curing, Heat-Resistant Properties Of Aramid Fiber 1313 Far Better Than A Chip, And Has Good Insulation And Corrosion Resistance, Life Cycle Is Very Long, Because It Won The " Synthesis Of Wire "In The World.       Aramid 1414 Is First Applied To Cutting-Edge Fields Such As National Defense. In Order To Meet The Needs Of Modern Warfare And Counter-Terrorism, The United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, The More The National Army And Police Body Armor, Bullet-Proof Helmets, Stab-Proof Cut Clothes, EOD Suits, High-Intensity Parachutes, Bullet-Proof Body, Armor Plate Dengjun Uses A Lot Of Aramid 1414. In The Bullet-Proof Vest, Because Of Aramid Fibers, High Strength, Toughness, And Knitting Is Good, Can A Bullet Impact Energy Absorption And Re-Dispersion Soki To Knitting And Other Fiber To Avoid A "Blunt Trauma", And Therefore Protective Effect Is Remarkable. Kevlar Bullet-Proof Vests, Helmets Iude Lightweight, Effective In Raising The Army's Rapid Reaction Capabilities And Defense Capabilities.         Now, In Addition To The Military Field, The Aramid 1414 Has Been As A High-Tech Fiber Materials Are Widely Used In Aerospace, Mechanical And Electrical, Construction, Automotive, Marine Fisheries, Sporting Goods And So On Various Aspects Of The National Economy.  In Aviation And Aerospace, The Aramid Fiber-Reinforced Composite Resin Matrix For Aerospace, Rockets And Aircraft Structural Materials, Reduce Weight, Increase Payload, Save A Lot Of Power Fuel. Such As The Boeing Aircraft Shell, Seats, Interior Parts And Successfully Applied The 1414 Aramid Material, Weight Of 30%.         Since 1414 The Proportion Of Small-Aramid, High Strength, Heat Resistance And Good Adhesion To Rubber, And So Was To Become The Best Tire Cord Fibers. Kevlar Tire Cord, But Reduce The Thin, Reducing Weight, Easy To Heat, Reduce Deformation, Reducing Rolling Resistance, Improve Operational Performance, To Tell It Is Appropriate To Extend The Service Life Of The Tire, And The Thorn-Resistant Rolling Performance Greatly Improved, And Its Tough Feature Is The Tire Road Weather Can Drive To The Garage Side Of The Tire Will Not Hurt. Aramid 1414 Is Particularly Suitable For High-Speed Or Overweight Loads Of Cars And Planes To Strengthen Tire Cord To Use, Has Great Development Prospects. The World's Largest Tire Several Giant Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli And Other Companies Have Used 1414 As A Kevlar Tire Cord, A Large Number Of Areas For Advanced Cars.          In The Civil Structural Engineering, Due 1414 With A Light-Weight High-Strength Aramid, High Modulus Of Elasticity, Corrosion Resistance, Impact Resistance And Other Properties Of Non-Conductive And Can Be Used For Bridges, Cylinder, Subway, Chimneys, Towers, Tunnels And Electric Railways, The Harbor Pier Maintenance, Reinforcement, Especially Suitable For Reinforcement And Repair Of Concrete Structures.           In Addition, The Aramid 1414 Can Also Inflatable Rubber Products (Such As Inflatable Life Rafts, Inflatable Pontoon, Etc.), Corrosion-Resistant Containers, Light Tanks And Large Diameter Crude Oil Row Of Straw To Give Their Skeleton Materials; For The Production Of High Temperature, Cut-Resistant Protective Gloves; To Use Its Self-Lubricating, Heat Resistance And Toughness, Can Replace The Original Manufacture Of The Carcinogen Asbestos Insulation Shield, Protective Clothing And Seal Materials; Can Also Be An Alternative To Asbestos And Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin, Used For Rubbing, Insulation And Electrical Insulation Materials; Production Of Ship Ropes, Submarine Cables, Radar Systems And Optical Fiber To Enhance Buoy Ropes; Manufacture Of High Strength To Weight, Sports Equipment, Such As Skis, Rowing And Canoeing, Etc. And So On.            In Short, All Requiring High Strength, Resistance To Tensile, Tear-Resistant, Anti-Puncture And The Temperature Of The Occasion, All Play An Active Role In The Field Of Aramid 1414, Has An Irreplaceable Advantage.


Panox & kevlar fiber blended felt

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