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feed grade yeast Mannan Oligosaccharide
feed grade yeast Mannan Oligosaccharide

Beta-glucan>=20% mannan oligosaccharide>=20% crude protein<=35%, total soluble matter~50%

     Feed grade 20% yeast MOS is a kind of nature feed additive which is extract from Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall.It could boostanimal immunity system,absorb the pathogens and mycotoxins in the feed,promote beneficial microorganisms growth in gut and preserve intestinal health.

How MOS works:

     The structure of Mannan is similar with the specific carbohydrate receptor in the animal intestinal cell wall,so it can be identified by the chitin structure of the pathogens such as Ecoli,salmonella,C.difficile

The large numbert of hydroxyl of Mannan can absorb mycotoxins by hydrogen bonds and van der waals forces ,and from types of polysaccharides-mycotoxins compound to prevent toxins form absorbing in the intestine; the spatial structure can specifically bind to Zearalenone,By van der Waals forces to form a combination.The adsorption of pathogen,mycotoxin-specific if of physical theorem and does not change any chemical structure of the feed,so can save all the nutrients in feed ingredients.

MOS is also the nutrient source of animal intestinal beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus,so it could promote the animal intestinal growth of beneficial bacteria to produce organic acids,reduce the PH,inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria,improved intestinal natural resistance capability of pathogens.

Beta-1,3 glucan in “20%Mannan” could promote the growth of immune organs, improve the detoxification of liver and eliminate the inhibition caused by mycotoxins on immune system.

Main ingredients and content:

Beta-glucan≥20%   mannan oligosaccharide≥20% crude protein≤35%,total soluble matter≈50%

Produce benefits:

Enhance the defensive ability of animals’ immune system ,resist the viruses,and promote macrophage activity, enhance the inhibitory effect.Absorb the toxins in feed; reduce the incidence rate of animals.Promote growth ,increase the feed utilization rate, improve the product and save the farming cost.

Suitable for :Swine, Poultry, young ruminants,all kinds of aquatic animals (fish,shrimp,eels,sea cucumbers,crabs,soft-shell turtles.etc.

Usage and dosage:

Mix 1.0kg “20% MOS”/T feed,dosage can be increased to 2.0-5.0kg/T feed when animal is in stress situation.Dissolve 500g “20%MOS” with moderate water,then spray it on the surface of 100kg baits,to feed after dryed.To protect feed from mildewing,efficiently remove a variety of mycotoxins(such as aflatoxin(AF),zearalenone(zea),deoxynivaleno(DON),fumagillin(Fum),ochratoxin(OCT),etc,especially for aflatoxin and zearalenone. Adding 1kg/T feed; For severe mildewed feed:1.2-2.0kg/T feed.

Packing :20kg/bag

feed grade yeast Mannan Oligosaccharide

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