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Feed Grade Yeast Cell Wall
Feed Grade Yeast Cell Wall

Feed grade yeast cell is a kind of nature immune enhancer,used high quality active yeast as raw material.

      Feed grade yeast cell is a kind of nature immune enhancer,used high quality active yeast as raw material, by unique purification process and enzyme hydrolysis.It is rich in various polysaccharide and functional oligosaccharides, It have good processing performance,can tolerate 120ºC high temperature ,high pressure,suitable for granulation,extrusion and other processing conditions.It is a natural antibiotic replacer,and has an advantage of natural, no drug resistance ,no residue,nonpolluting and toxic side effects.





Whit to yellow powder

Paricle Size

100% through 60 mesh

Beta-Glucan%             ≥


Mannanoligosaccharide       ≥


Protein   %               ≤


Moisture %               ≤


Plumbum,mg/kg           ≤


Aresenic,mg/kg           ≤


Mercury,mg/kg           ≤


Cadmium,mg/kg           ≤


For aquatic animal:

The activation of the immune defenses of aquatic animals,strengthen the immune animal cells and humoral immune response,greatly improving the body’sresistance to disease.Promote metabolism and digestion and absorption of nutrients,reduce the breeding cycle and improve weight gain,breeding cost savings.To maintain metabolic balance circulation,improve aquatic animal anti-stress,anti-mutagenic,

anti-parasitic and pathogenic organisms performance,significantily improved the survival rate of breeding.

effective decomposition of toxins ,heavy metals and peroxides. Live transport :reduction of transportation stress response after transport.

To reduce the probability of a variety of aquatic animals and increase the survival rate of producton of various aquatic larvae,significantly reduced the mortality after disease.The scope of application for shrimp, crabs,sea cucumbers and other freshwater fish and aquatic animals.

Dosage in use:for feed additives,raw materials can be mixed in the feed,but also adhesion to the surface in the feed,the product diluted with water,mix well with the adhesion of dry feed immedicately after feeding .

when the larvae(5 cm below the shrimp,fish, half a catty below)and add 6-10kg per ton of feed.nto the body when added 4-6kg per ton of feed.may be appropriate to increase the amount of strom season.

External use: In the breeding period and the prevalence of secondary treatment to water used per acre 200 grams of rice spilled,can improve the immunity and survival.

For pig and poultry:

Activate immune system of animals,animal cell immunity and enhanced humoral immune response, reduce the incidence of various diseases,and improve the adaptability of livestock on the environment.Improve animal metabolism,promote metabolism and proliferation of beneficial bacteria to speed up the growth rate and improve the growth rate and individual weight.Maintain balance cycle metabolism in the body and strengthen anti-stress, there by reducing the occurrence of disease.Enhanced animal hematopoietic function ,significantly improved the appearance of animal fur and skin.

Weaned piglets: Reduce diarrhea,increase feed intake,daily weight gain.

Layers: Increased egg production and egg weight and improve feed concersion ratio,

Broiler: Increased daily gain,increase feed conversion.


Daily added:1-2kg

Anti-stress syndrome;2-4kg

Period of illness:1% of feed


Feed Grade Yeast Cell Wall

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