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GX /OEM 4500 PSI electric compressor -luxury
GX /OEM 4500 PSI electric compressor -luxury

1.portable --Small volume and light weight 2.working with low voice 3.simple operation 4.long service life


This type is our newest luxury electic compressor with digital display!!!

Technical parameter

1,Motor 220V or 110V, 50HZ, power - 0.75KW, domestic lighting power.

2,Coaxial 4 level air compressor system.

3,Cooling system:water cooling

4,Air supply: 90L/MIN

5,Filling pressure :200BAR-310BAR

6,External dimension: 480*480*280

7,Weight: economical type 24KG industrial-type 26KG

8, Time of filling gas: abt. 150 mins to reach the pressure 200 bar for 9L bottle,




Notes for Use

1,Environment for use, the machine shall be put on ground and kept for flat to avoid the flow of antifreeze. The machine should not be operated in the dusty, crowed, rainy environment. If the temperature is over than 30°C and the machine is continuously operated more than one hour, please put the ice into the water to reduce the temperature. When the temperature is lower than 4°C, please open the vent first and run for about 5 minutes, and operate until the lubrication system is working well. When you are using this machine to charge bottles over 6L, please use the outside vat for water cooling.

2,Must check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient and add the water in time, the water flow is normal and overflow when running the machine every time.

3,The designed ideal upper limit of pressure shall be around 22mpa, the machine would be automatically shut off when the pressure reaches 20mpa, the output pressure is not recommended to surpass 25mpa, because it may cause danger and brokerage of the machine, please use this machine after making sure the machine is totally safe.

4,Please open the vent (no need too much, it would be OK if the water is discharging)when the operating time is over 30 minutes. Please discharge the water in the filter to guarantee the air is clean. Check the temperature of the water is over the limit and the voice is normal regularly. (When the machine is operating more than one (1) hour, there would probablely “tap-tap” sound, it is normal) 

5,Please firstly shut off the valves of the receptacle and open the vent on the machine to discharge the reluctant gas, after that unload the quick coupling, and finally unplug the power cord after charging the air. Please discharge the cooling water in the water tank the machine if the machine is not operating so long. The cleaning media should be put into the cooling water when the machine is operated around 400 hours, and the cooling water should be changed after operating the machine for 600 hours.

6,Lubricating maintenance, the machine adopts cycloidal reducer, and the lubricants should be added or changed after the machine is operated for more than 2 years. The appointed grease lubricant should be put into steam-cylinder piston at regular intervals.

Patent number of the product: 201110364595.5 201120455569.9 201120455589.6

Service call :400-0513-959

GX /OEM 4500 PSI electric compressor -luxury

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