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Big Glass Glazing Silicone Sealant OLV768
Big Glass Glazing Silicone Sealant OLV768

1, toppest quality,acetoxy, one part 2, for aquarium and other general purpose glazing 3, excellent weatherability, waterproof


Big Glass Glazing Silicone Sealant OLV768 is one-component, acetoxy cure, high quality silicone sealant designed for big glass and other general purpose glazing and waterproofing application. It has high tensile strength and good elasticity, excellent weatherability, stability,waterproof and good adhesion to most construction materials without a primer. It has good features as follow: a. easily use: can extrude in any timeb. acetic cure: To float glass, anodized aluminum material needn't base coating, has a strong felt power c. high modulus ,as cured, it can bear joint movement capability of ±25%.

Main purposes:

1.  Big panel glass seal;

2.  Skylights, canopies and general glazing;

3.  Aquarium and general decorative usages;

4.  Many other industry applications.


1.  It is RTV-1, acetoxy, curing at room temperature, high intensity, medium modulus, fast curing, high intensity and good elasticity, optimum adhesion to glass;

2.  Excellent weathering resistance and durability;

3.  Other building construction applications.


1.  Clean with solvents such as toluene or acetone to keep the substrate surfaces completely clean and dry;

2.  For better appearance cover outside of joint areas with masking taps before application;

3.  Cut nozzle to desired size and extrudes sealant to joint areas;

4.  Tool immediately after sealant application and remove masking tape before sealant skins.


1.  Unsuitable for curtain wall structural adhesive; 

2.  Unsuitable for the airproof location, because it is required to absorb moisture in air to cure for the sealant; 

3.  Unsuitable for the frosty or moist surface; 

4.  Unsuitable for the continually soggy place;

5.  Cant be used if the temperature is below 4°C or above 50°C on the surface of the material.

Shelf life: 12 months if keep sealing, and stored below 270C in cool, dry place after the date of production.

Standard: A G 25HM GB/T 14683-2003

Technology data:

The following data are only for reference purpose, not intended for use in preparing specification.

Big Glass Glazing Silicone Sealant OLV768



Measured Value

Testing Method

Test at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±20C:

Density (g/cm3)



GB/T 13477

Tack-Free Time (min)



GB/T 13477

Extrusion (ml/min)



GB/T 13477

Tensile Modulus (Mpa)




GB/T 13477


or 0.6


Slumpability (mm) vertical

not change shape

not change shape

GB/T 13477

Slumpability (mm) horizontal



GB/T 13477

Curing Speed (mm/d)




As Cured -After 21 days at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±20C:

Hardness (Shore A)



GB/T 531

Tensile Strength under Standard Conditions (Mpa)



GB/T 13477

Elongation of Rupture (%)



GB/T 13477

Movement Capability (%)



GB/T 13477


12 months

Big Glass Glazing Silicone Sealant OLV768

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